Motion Furniture Buying Guide

Over A Dozen La-Z-Boy Recliners On Sale Now!

January 17, 2017

If you needed one more great reason to shop La-Z-Boy furniture, this is it! Right this moment, Recliners.LA is offering once in a lifetime sales on a wide selection of highly coveted La-Z-Boy recliners. Visit our La-Z-Boy photo gallery online today to view this entire selection, or keep on reading to learn more about what makes these recliners special.     The Rowan Recliner. Featuring a slim and modern design, this minimalistic yet elegant piece is on sale now for just $709, representing a discount of more that five hundred dollars!     The Pinnacle Recliner. A plush and cozy La-Z-Boy classic, the Pinnacle Recliner is perfect for curling up with book, a cup of coffee, or even both!    The Gabe...

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What To Look For When Choosing Sheets

January 13, 2017

Ask the average person what the best indication of sheet quality is and you’re almost certain to get the answer: “thread count.” This is due, in large part, to the fact that this specific metric is often prominently displayed on packaging. And why not? Thread count certainly makes for an easily understandable and objectively measurable mark of quality, after all. It doesn’t take a marketing genius to realize that boasting of your sheets’ exceptionally high thread count is probably a good way to impress.     Those who wish to find the highest-quality, longest-lasting, and most comfortable sheets, however, should understand that fiber count is only one factor among many that ultimately determine the quality of any given bed sheets. Here...

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New Year, New Furniture!

January 12, 2017

The new year is here, and it’s the perfect time to make some changes! Positive changes in the home could be the perfect catalyst for even bigger positive changes in your life, which is just one of many great reasons to consider investing in new furniture: Here are a few more reasons to ponder:    It’s time to feel more comfortable. One of the most important signs that it’s time to invest in new furniture? You’re not feeling right in your current chair. Reducing stress offers so many health benefits that taking action is a no brainer! By spending money on a new chair now, you could save yourself a bundle in medical bills down the road--and, more importantly, add...

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