Motion Furniture Buying Guide

How Mid-Century Furniture Designs Are Influencing Motion Furniture

June 21, 2016

Just as with any type of art--and yes, designing and building furniture is an art--there have been a lot of innovations and changes in the world of furniture throughout the years. Sometimes furniture design has followed in the footsteps of other types of design, like architecture, sculpture, and fashion. Other times, furniture designers have strayed from the beaten path in order to build something entirely new. One of the most widely used styles of furniture today is Mid-Century. The use of this style has changed not only the design of many different types of household furnishing--like cabinets, sofas, tables, and more--but has changed how practically and efficiently we live our lives. Some would even call the invention of Mid-Century style...

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Best Recliners For Back Pain

June 17, 2016

For many people who struggle with back pain, it can be a difficult task to find the right kind of furniture. Furniture that does not meet your personal comfort preferences--be it furniture that is too soft, too hard, too large, too small, or simply ill designed--not only fails to soothe your back pain, but can actually aggravate it. No one should have to live in pain just because their furniture isn’t right for them. You deserve to be comfortable, and to have a chair that works with your back, rather than against it. Below are a few different types of recliner that are best for people suffering from back pain.   Human Touch Recliners and Massage Chairs Human Touch is...

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Shop Flexsteel Leather Sofas and Other Great Furniture

June 14, 2016

With so many great brands to choose from at, why are an increasing number of our satisfied customers choosing to go with Flexsteel furniture? This question actually has a few separate answers, each of which we will discuss briefly in this article. Commitment to Quality. Though you can’t go wrong with any of the select brands offered at, Flexsteel furniture stands out as being some of the longest-lasting and most meticulously built. This type of emphasis on quality is not something that customers tend to overlook—and it wins quite a few loyal devotees. Price. There’s no doubt about it—price is an important factor when it comes to furniture. Given the fact that a quality sofa is an important...

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