Motion Furniture Buying Guide

Tips for Furnishing a Commercial Space

October 17, 2017

Making your commercial space a comfortable, inviting, and productive place to work and shop is an important investment for any company to make. Unfortunately, achieving this goal is oftentimes easier dreamed than done.   Creating the right atmosphere depends on many factors: the architectural layout of your space, the color scheme, the decorations, and the arrangement/organization of furniture all play important roles.Of course, the actual furniture that you choose matters quite a bit, as well -- and here at RLA, we have a great deal of experience in this last topic. With over 20 years experience in the industry, we boast the brand connections and the know-how that you need to furnish your commercial space effectively. Here are a few...

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The Sofa Company Sleeper Sofas VS. Recliners.LA Sofa Beds

October 13, 2017

If you are shopping for a fold out sleeper sofa solution for your living room, guest room, basement, or family room, then we at Recliners.LA have a question for you: classic or custom made? If you are looking for a classic sleeper sofa from dependably exceptional brands such as Palliser furniture and American Leather, then Recliners.LA has exactly what you are looking for. The Brynlee Tempur-Pedic Sleeper Sofa from American Leather, for example, is one of the finest sleeper sofas on the market anywhere -- and can be yours for just $4849 when you shop through Recliners.LA. Alternatively, we highly recommend the Erika Loveseat Sleeper from Luonto for anyone looking for a more economical option -- this amazing sleeper is...

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Space Saving Recliners for Today's Homes At RLA

October 10, 2017

It's a pattern we've discussed before here on the Recliners.LA blog -- apartments and homes are trending smaller. From humble studio apartments to high-end micro homes, downsizing has never been more hip.  Here are a few of the most important reasons why this new home style is emerging: • Urban living. The driving force behind this trend toward smaller homes is probably practical above all else. More and more people are opting to live in urban areas -- and the simple fact of the matter is that square footage costs more in the big city than in small town America. • Millennial philosophy. To make a broad generalization, the generation coming of age now tends to value experiences more than...

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