4 Tips for Moving Furniture

One of the many ways that we work hard to make life easier for our customers is our unique coast-to-coast doorstep delivery. Whether you live in Portland, Oregon or Portland, Maine, Recliners.LA will pay the full cost of shipping in order to ensure that your new recliner, loveseat, theatre setup, etc. arrives at your door free of cost to you.



All the same, we know that curbside delivery isn’t always enough. Having furniture outside your home, business, or building is one thing -- getting it completely set up inside is another. That’s why we have developed relationships with a number of local moving companies across the country, and can offer you special deals on any additional moving costs.


If you do opt to move furniture yourself once RLA doorstep delivery has been completed, here are a few tips that you may find helpful when moving furniture inside your home or business: 


  1. Slide don’t drag furniture, as dragging is one of the most common ways that people accidentally damage their floors. By placing an old blanket or cloth under the sofa, you will be able to move it more easily while minimizing risk to your home.
  2. Lift from the knees, not with your back. This is one of the most frequently repeated pieces of moving advice out there, but sadly, many people still ignore it, putting themselves at risk for injury.
  3. Disassemble furniture as much as possible. This may be as simple as unscrewing the legs to an ottoman, or it could mean bringing your new section in various trips. The smaller the pieces you work with, the simpler your job will be.
  4. Get help! Asking for help, whether from a friend or from professional movers, is always a better option than damaging your home or risking injury, so when in doubt, reach out to someone who can help.


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June 16, 2017

3 Eco-Friendly Furniture Manufacturers You’ll Find at Recliners.LA

Here at Recliners.LA, we strive to create not only a better company, but also a better community and a better world. One of the most important ways that we aim for this goal is by choosing our vendors very carefully. Each and every one of the furniture vendors available at RLA has been rigorously vetted in terms of quality, ethics, and commitment to green business practices. Among all these companies, there are three in particular that we would like to highlight for their exceptional commitment to eco-friendly practices.



  • American Leather. Like most Recliners.LA furniture vendors, American Leather strives to use green construction materials, opting for wood harvested from sustainable forests, biodegradable leathers, and water-based pigments. American Leather also recycles and resells leather scraps to manufacturers of smaller furniture in order to minimize waste. Soy-based furniture foam and an eco-friendly production factory are further highlights. But perhaps most impressively, American Leather has gone above and beyond the ordinary responsibilities of a furniture manufacturer, helping to found the Sustainable Furniture Council -- a non-profit organization that strives to change the entire furniture industry for the better.
  • Ekornes. Based in the heart of Norway, surrounded by some of the most magnificent fjords in the world, Ekornes has always had a special connection to nature. This is why Ekornes specially sources green construction materials such as non-toxic pigments and dyes. Moreover, the vendor has even developed a one-of-a-kind closed loop steel degreasing system to which allows for the building and cleaning of metal bases without polluting the local environment.
  • Himolla furniture takes green manufacturing seriously as well, investing time and money into developing a building process that protects the local community from emissions of solvents, dusts, and noise.



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Which Living Room Style Is For You?

Okay, so not everyone’s style is easily described by choosing from a list of simple descriptions -- but, if you’re unsure of which furniture brands might be right for you, this guide might be able to offer some insight. Read on for a few of our suggestions, and be sure to take a look at the entire RLA catalog for yourself!



  • Retro. Looking for an ultra-cool throwback style that’s as charming as it is suave? Check out Lafer Recliners and Chairs. Famed designer Percival Lafer and his team know how to keep the past relevant, putting innovative modern twists on beloved retro styles of furniture.


  • High-Tech. Looking for something on the cutting edge of today’s trends in style and comfort? Try a space-age zero gravity recliner from Human Touch -- on sale now at vendor promotion prices!


  • The Movie Theatre. If you’re all about home theatre seating, then Palliser furniture has got you covered, with a variety of luxurious options. Be sure to check out Fjords furniture, as well -- their reclining home theatre solutions are also top notch. Here’s a link to Recliners.LA’s entire selection of home theatre options from all available vendors.


  • Classic. Aiming for a classic and comfortable layout that the whole family can enjoy? La-Z-Boy’s famous collection of affordable yet high quality furniture options is definitely worth a look. Alternatively, if you’re willing to spend a bit more to upgrade in style and quality, American Leather is another world-renowned furniture company from the USA that should be on your radar.


  • Classy. Looking for the best that money can buy in terms of quality, durability, comfort, and impeccable style? The Stressless furniture line by Ekornes is one of the world’s most widely admired furniture collection -- and it comes at a surprisingly affordable price. Check out RLA’s Stressless furniture collection here!

Shop Vendor Promotions at Recliners.LA

Shop Vendor Promotions at Recliners.LA

Here at Recliners.LA, we are always looking for innovative ways to go the extra mile and make your shopping experience better. Whether it’s providing responsive online customer support, offering an impressive coast-to-coast free delivery policy, or guaranteeing your satisfaction on each and every RLA purchase, we’ve got what it takes to earn a five star rating.  


Of course, when it comes to creating a fantastic customer experience, we understand that pricing is king. All the bells and whistles in the world aren’t going to compensate for high prices. (Even though someone should probably mention that to a few of our competitors!) Top-end furniture can be pricey -- which is why we offer vendor minimum pricing on dozens of furniture models here at Recliners.LA. 


The only price lower than a vendor minimum? A vendor promotion! Right now, two of our favorite furniture vendors -- Palliser furniture and Human Touch -- are offering incredible deals on their already low prices. Here are a few examples of Palliser and Human Touch pricing right now at Recliners.LA: 




  • My Comfort Banff, a stylish recliner available in a variety of beautiful leather fabrics, can be yours for just $800 thanks to RLA’s low pricing and a Palliser vendor discount.  
  • The Torrington Recliner, also on sale now by Palliser furniture, is available for just $825. Available in a number of customizable leather upholstery options, the Torrington is one of Palliser’s most popular recliners on the market today.  


Human Touch: 


  • The Perfect Chair 600 (PC-600) Omni-Motion Silhouette Zero Gravity Power Recliner by Human Touch is one of the most high-tech reclining chairs available on the market -- and is perfect for anyone looking for the perfect combination of zero-gravity comfort and sophisticated modern style. This chair can be yours, (complete with over a dozen customizable fabric and finish options) for just $2,999.  


To view Recliners.LA’s full selection of Vendor Promotion furniture, visit our Vendor Promotion page today!  

How to Spruce Up Your Home’s Look on the Cheap

How to Spruce Up Your Home’s Look on the Cheap

Looking to make your home look swell on a small budget? Here are a few failsafe ways do just that. 


Repaint. At prices as low as $15 per gallon, paint is without a doubt one of the cheapest ways to radically re-imagine and redesign any space. Painting is also one of the least technical renovations. As long as you have a spare Saturday to dedicate to your living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. you can do this all by yourself, no problem. Just in case you’re looking for a little bit of free help, though, here’s a nifty guide to DIY painting, courtesy of Makingitlovely.com.   


Redecorate. Redecorating can potentially be even cheaper than repainting -- especially if you have a few spare decorations sitting around and/or you are savvy about shopping in thrift stores and online. HouseBeautiful.com offers a stellar guide to decoration tips that you can put into action quickly and relatively easily.  


Rearrange. The most cost-efficient method of all? Rearranging the furniture and decorations that you already own! The truth is, the way that you use what you’ve got makes a huge difference! Here’s an article recently published in the Recliners.LA buyers guide titled “the science of interior design” that might be helpful in your quest to find a better arrangement of your furniture and decorations.  


Shop Sales. Sometimes, working with the furniture that you already own just isn’t enough. If that’s the case for you, you can still save money by sale-hunting. Here at Recliners.LA, we offer a wide selection of on-sale furniture from respected furniture manufacturers such as American Leather, Human Touch, Innovation USA, Stressless by Ekornes, and much more!  



Looking for more great ways to save money on high-end furniture? Visit Recliners.LA to browse our full selection of reduced-price furniture!  

Welcome Summer with A Brand New Reclining Sofa!

Welcome Summer with A Brand New Reclining Sofa!

A change in seasons can be the perfect excuse for a change in style! Reward yourself for all the hard work that you put into spring cleaning with a brand new reclining sofa from Recliners.LA. Thanks to our rock-bottom sales prices on many of the most popular furniture brands, such as Ekornes, Barcalounger, American Leather, and more, investing in new furniture for your home is easier and more accessible than ever! 


La-Z-Boy Furniture On Sale At Recliners.LA Now! 

For many, summer is a time to relax. If you wanna kick back and enjoy the great American pastime on the bigscreen, lounge away a lazy afternoon in the comfort of your air conditioning, or spend a sleepy morning curled up with a coffee and the paper, then an ultra-comfy and unpretentious La-Z-Boy recliners might be the perfect option for you 


Shop Fjords Furniture at Unbelievable Clearance Prices! 

Summer is also a time to entertain: a durable and sophisticated Fjords sofa is the perfect choice for receiving guests. Sleek and stylish enough to impress the Joneses, and built with enough quality and perfection to withstand heavy use, this is one of our personal favorites here at Recliners.LA. 


Stay Tuned to The RLA Buyer’s Guide for more Useful Insider Info!  

Speaking of durability, most of the country experiences high humidity during the summer months; which in and of itself can be taxing on most furniture fabrics. This upholstery maintenance dos and don’ts guide published in the RLA buying guide may come in handy. Whether you’re looking for tips on furniture care, hot sales, industry news, or all of the above, the RLA buyers guide has you covered! 


Looking to learn more about our wide selection of reclining furniture? We invite you to visit the Recliners.LA online storefront today! 

La-Z-Boy Furniture: Where Quality Meets Affordability

La-Z-Boy Furniture: Where Quality Meets Affordability

Recliners.LA is currently offering a number of popular La-Z-Boy furniture options, such as  the Easton Reclining Loveseat w/Console, at impressively reduced prices. The Easton, for example, normally goes for 2700 bucks -- but it can be yours today for just $1799!  


Why choose La-Z-Boy when there are so many great furniture options available on the web and at Recliners.LA? Here are a few of our favorite reasons why La-Z-Boy rocks! 


Down-to-earth style. Plush cushioning, inviting leather upholstery, and an attractive homey-style make La-Z-Boy a great option for anyone wanting to create a comfy and down-to-earth look for their living room. 


Affordable prices. La-Z-Boy has been one of the most popular American furniture manufacturers for decades, thanks in large part to their affordability. Even though La-Z-Boy furniture is built to compete with some of the world’s best, you would never guess that based on the price alone! 


Comfort is in the name. Once you’ve sat down in a comfortable La-Z-Boy chair, you wouldn’t want to get back up! That’s what inspired the La-Z-Boy brand name, which was chosen during a local contest held by the blooming furniture company back in the 1930’s, and it remains just as true today, over eight decades later. 


A Time-Tested Brand. La-Z-Boy’s long history is another selling point for the company: a manufacturer that has stayed in business this long is surely doing something right, after all! La-Z-Boy’s millions of satisfied customers around the globe can attest to this -- as can our own satisfied customers here at Recliners.LA! 


Quality Guaranteed. Recliners.LA offers a quality and satisfaction guarantee on all of our products, and we feel confident that you will be thrilled with your La-Z-Boy reclining furniture.  


Ready to start shopping? Visit RLA online today to take advantage of all our great deals! 


How Much Does It Cost to Furnish a New Home?

How Much Does It Cost to Furnish a New Home?

The short answer to this question: less than you think! 


Thanks to a number great deals available now at Recliners.LA, (plus our everyday low prices on dozens of the world’s most popular lines of furniture), furnishing your home is now more affordable than ever! 


If you’re looking for a concrete number to the question “how much does it cost to furnish a new home,” then we recommend breaking out a pen and some paper and doing a bit of research: the truth is that every home and every family is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer. In this article, we will list a few prices on some of our most popular furniture pieces offered here at Recliners.LA, which should help you get a rough idea of how much you can expect to spend. 




Reclining Sofas 


Reclining Sectionals 


Massage and Specialty Chairs 


Home Theatre Seating 


Looking for a complete list of prices on incredible brands such as Fjords, American Leather, Barcalounger, and more? Visit Recliners.LA online today for an easy and straightforward online shopping experience featuring live customer support, free coast-to-coast shipping, and much more! 

5 Tools for Striking the Right Mood In A Room

It doesn’t always take a professional interior designer to make your living room look fantastic. With a bit of creativity and hard work, you can create any style you can dream of. Here are a few highly effective ways of accomplishing just that. 


  1. Accent Pieces. As practical as they are stylish, an eye-catching and colorful accent piece such as the Adele Recliner by Lafer can really redefine the entire mood of an otherwise boring or overly homogenous room. 


  1. A Fresh Coat of Paint. Relatively cheap and extremely effective, a new coat of paint can facilitate a 180 degree change in the attitude of your living room.


  1. Decorations. Be deliberate about how you decorate your space! Over the years, many of us accumulate knick knacks, photos, souvenirs, and other decorations -- but using all of these accessories haphazardly can create a chaotic look. Grouping items together strategically, keeping certain types of decorations in certain rooms, and looking with a critical eye to see how everything “fits together” can make a huge difference in terms of style and cohesion.


  1. Mirrors. Mirrors make fantastic decorations that can even improve the lighting of your room when placed strategically. (We’ll talk more about lighting here in a minute!) Mirrors are especially useful in small rooms and spaces, as they can help create a larger, more open feel.


  1. Lighting. Without a doubt one of the most effective ways of changing the mood in a room is to change the lighting. Whether you want to supplement overhead lighting with a lamp, add decorational lighting, or boost natural lighting with a mirror or a change in curtains, there are so many ways to redefine your room through better, more mood-specific lighting.


Don’t forget that new furniture can make a highly positive difference in your home, as well! Visit Recliners.LA online today to view our entire selection of recliners, loveseats, theatre seating, and much more!

Furniture For Big Families

Furniture For Big Families

Large families face many home design issues that most people would never need to think about: and one such challenge is how to fit such a large number of people into a normal sized living room.


Here are a few helpful hints that may come in handy when choosing furniture.


Sectionals are a smart choice because they can fit several people into one single piece of furniture. As a general rule, the more you can minimize the number of furniture pieces needed, the more spacious your layout will feel. A loveseat takes less space than two separate recliners, for example, and a sofa takes up less space than three separate recliners. Many sectional sofas can accommodate upward of 5 people, while also boasting a corner that allows them to fit into otherwise unused spaces.


Ottomans. Ottomans are another great choice for accommodating large numbers of people because they are so versatile. Having a quiet night at home with your significant other? Those ottomans make great foot stands. Hosting a birthday party? Ottomans make great makeshift benches. And regardless of the occasion, many ottomans also double as open-up storage spaces, which allows you to reduce the clutter that so many families of all sizes struggle with.


Durability. Investing in high-quality furniture that is going to last for years to come is always a smart decision -- but quality and durability are especially important for large families, who put furniture through lots of wear and tear. Leather furniture is likely a smart choice, as this is the only furniture fabric that actually tends to improve with age and use.


Design Styles. Furniture manufacturers that emphasize a sleek, minimalistic style are usually preferable for large families, as they can help free up precious square footage in the home. Ekornes’ Stressless furniture line is a good place to start searching, but you can also check out the entire Recliners.LA selection here in order to find the perfect fit. Happy shopping!


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