Stressless Rocker Recliners are The New Rage

March 31, 2016

Stressless Rocker Recliners are The New Rage

Meet Panorama and Other Great Ekornes Chairs

Ever since Ekornes released their first Stressless recliner way back in 1971, they have been considered one of the most innovative and reliable makers of recliners on the market. With the recent boom of Ekornes rocker recliners, it’s safe to say that Ekornes has safeguarded their reputation for the next generation. Of course, Ekornes makes more than just recliners--and here at, we are proud to offer Ekornes furniture of all shapes and sizes. In this article, we’ll highlight a few of our favorite Ekornes pieces.

Meet Panorama

The Panorama is built with you in mind. The back and seat automatically adjust into the ideal position based upon the height, shape, and weight distribution of the person sitting in each section of the sofa, allowing for total customization. The soft, rounded lines that define this sofa give it a timeless, classy style perfect for almost any setting.

Meet View

The Stressless View recliner is perfect for stretching out at the end of a long day! Built with plush cushions and the patented Balance Adapt™ system, the View offers unparalleled comfort all with that classic Ekornes style.

Meet Sunrise

This chair, built specifically for those peaceful morning moments, is comfortable day-round! Featuring an ottoman with a glide function, the chair adapts to the position of your legs, providing impeccable comfort no matter how you prefer to sit.

Meet Jazz

Featuring a style that is all at once bold, elegant, smooth and sophisticated, the Jazz certainly lives up to its name. Perfect as an accent piece or even as part of a larger, bolder collection, the jazz is certain to catch the attention and the imagination of everyone who sees it!

Meet the rest of the Ekornes Collection!

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