Massage Chairs Can Save You $1000s Over a Year!

April 06, 2016

Massage Chairs Can Save You $1000s Over a Year!

In recent years, modern science has been confirming a fact that traditional medicine has understood for centuries: massages can have a number of physical and emotional benefits. From reducing the risk of muscle injury to reducing stress to eliminating hypertension--there are many reasons to get frequent massages.

The most significant drawback to getting regular massages? The price. According to the University of Minnesota, the national average for an hour-long session of massage therapy is roughly $60. Assuming you were to get a massage just once per week, this would come out to over $3000 dollars in the course of a year! ($3240, to be exact!) This does not even take into account the cost and inconvenience of traveling to a massage location, nor does it factor in the far higher prices that are typically associated with urban areas.

 This is exactly what makes massage chairs so attractive to so many people! With a massage chair, you can experience many of the benefits that massages offer without having to worry about your bank account every time you want to relax! (Let’s not even get into how much daily massages would cost...let it suffice to say it’s a five-digit number no matter how you cut it!) Even the original cost of buying a massage chair is only a few thousand--which, to be certain, you would eventually be spending on some type of furniture whether it was a massage chair or not.

To be certain, no chair can completely replicate the feeling of a specialized massage by a trained professional, and even those who own massage chairs may occasionally wish to invest in a true massage. But if you’re looking to enjoy the comfort and relaxation that a massage can offer on a daily basis, there is probably no better investment you can make than to buy a massage chair.