Massage Chairs by Cozzia Include Body Scan Feature!

Electric massage chairs have a longer history than you might think! In fact, the world’s very first automatic massage chair was invented in Japan before the outbreak of the second world war! Of course, this model was extremely crude, and it is debatable whether such a chair was actually relaxing, or merely a novelty. Either way, massage chairs have come a long way since that humble beginning more than seventy years ago--and in recent times they have become even more popular thanks to new technological advances.

Another important factor driving the current surge of interest in massage chairs is the increasing amount of research demonstrating the link between regular massages and physical and mental wellbeing. After all, when one takes into account both the enormous benefits of regular massages (such as healthier blood pressure, pain reduction, and lower stress levels) coupled with the enormous cost associated with regular massages (the national average is roughly $60 per hour) it becomes obvious that a massage chair is actually the cheapest way to receive regular massages.

Despite dramatic increases in technology and quality--and despite the cost effectiveness of massage chairs in general--there is, of course, still one significant downside to massage chair massages: no machine can quite replicate the quality and expertise of a trained masseur. Though this is unlikely to change completely, it is important to remember that not all chairs are created equal: the Cozzia Massage Chair, thanks to its cutting-edge Body Scan feature, is quite likely the closest replication of a professional massage available.

Each Cozzia massage chair is equipped with a microcomputer that allows the chair to understand the shape and posture of your body and apply a variety of traditional massages according to your needs and/or your preferences. Visit the gallery of Cozzia furniture to learn more about these amazing chairs!