What is a 3D Massage Chair?

Check out the Recliners.la online store and you’ll notice something new in the Massage Seating section: we now offer several massage chairs that feature 3D technology. Here’s a quick rundown of what exactly 3D massage technology does and why it matters.


What separates 3D massage chairs from the rest of the pack?

First, to clear up a common misconception: 3D massage technology does not refer to the body scanning microcomputers that many 3D massage chairs offer. Although chairs such as the Cozzia EC-363E Massage Chair do offer computerized scanners that allow the chair to tailor a custom massage to the unique contours of your back and neck, 3D technology actually refers to a simpler concept. 3D massage chairs feature internal rollers capable of protruding an extra eight to ten centimeters forward, thus reaching muscles and tissue that are usually neglected by regular massage chairs. This is important for a number of reasons:

  • Your massage will be more relaxing, as muscles will be worked more thoroughly and thus freed of more tension.
  • Your massage will be more effective: massages given by masseurs, (which are the most thoroughly studied massages and the ones most likely to give the full health benefits associated with massages) reach the deep tissue below the surface, so it only makes sense that the ideal massage chair should do the same.
  • 3D technology allows for more choices in your massage: the extra intensity offered by 3D massages can be turned off and/or adjusted depending on your personal preferences day-by-day or massage-by-massage.


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