Swinging Zero Gravity Chairs

An interesting trivia question for all you history buffs out there: how many inventions can you name that spurred from NASA and the space exploration program? The list is actually incredibly long, and contains items as diverse as prosthetic limbs, firefighter gear, pollution remediation, and freeze drying technology. NASA has even created a term for technologies that are developed for space exploration that end up being repurposed for use here on planet earth: spinoffs!

So what does all of this have to do with recliners? As it turns out, one incredibly popular “spinoff” technology has been the Zero Gravity Chair! As NASA’s own website states, “The posture that an astronaut's body assumes while floating in the microgravity of space has provided anthropometric data useful in designing chairs.”

As the article goes on to explain, astronauts noticed that the posture the human body assumed when left in zero gravity conditions was actually quite different from the position we assume when resting down here on earth. Careful scientific analysis of the human body revealed that “in its most unstressed and relaxed state, the human body assumes a trunk-to-thigh angle of 128 degrees.”

NASA gathered information on the relaxed resting position of its astronauts, and later published this information in the NASA Anthropometric Source Book. Furniture companies around the globe soon began applying this new information to their design and engineering, attempting to create a chair that would provide optimal relaxation.

Recent research on the stressing effects of a rigid posture has only heightened the demand for the already popular zero gravity chair, and modern iterations of the recliner now feature designs that improve both the feeling of comfort and overall back health. Additional features (such as our favorite, the swinging zero gravity recliner option) are also available.

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