The History of La-Z-Boy Furniture

May 18, 2016

The History of La-Z-Boy Furniture

Based in the humble Midwestern town of Monroe, Michigan, La-Z-Boy furniture is a true American-born furniture maker that offers high quality recliners and sofas at surprisingly affordable prices. Apart from being one of the biggest furniture manufacturers in the United States (employing more than 11,000 people,) La-Z-Boy is also one of the most famous furniture makers in the country—if not in the world.

Considering the incredible history of La-Z-Boy furniture, it’s fair to say that this fame is well deserved. (Which is exactly why La-Z-Boy furniture is offered at in the first place) After all, not only does La-Z-Boy offer great furniture for great prices, the company was also instrumental for the very invention of the modern day recliner.

So how did La-Z-Boy get started? Way back in 1928—right in Monroe, Michigan where the company is still based—two cousins decided to start their own furniture company. Those cousins—who went by the names of Edward M. Knabusch and Edwin J. Shoemaker—decided that they didn’t want to be just any old furniture company. Instead, they set out to develop a new kind of chair. In their own words, they wanted that chair to imitate “nature’s way of relaxing.”

The amazing thing about that concept is that modern scientific research has actually begun to show that Mr. Knabusch and Mr. Shoemaker were absolutely right about what they said! As it turns out, reclining really is a much healthier way of allowing the tendons and muscles of the back to relax.

After many trials and errors, the ambitious cousins finally came up with a design that they liked—so they held a contest in order to find a new name for their new chair. The winning submission? “La-Z-Boy,” of course!

                  Since then, La-Z-Boy has gone on to sell millions of chairs that now fill living rooms all around the world. If you are interested in owning a La-Z-Boy chair, visit online today for amazing low prices!