How to Choose the Right Recliner

November 10, 2014

Selecting a recliner that looks good, is perfect for your body, and fits your budget comfortably can actually be a daunting task, especially when you have never bought one before. The recliner you select needs to match your body in terms of depth, seat height and width too. A slight deviation and you will not just be uncomfortable, but this can also cause back pain!

Recliners are available in a huge range of sizes, designs and material. Whether you are looking for a modern sleek leather recliner, or the best recliner for backpain for your parents or a small recliner for a small space, you will be flooded with options, making selection really tough.

So How Do You Choose the Right Recliner?

If you are still scratching your head and wondering what to look for in a good recliner, here are some valuable tips to guide you.

Consider Durability

We all seek durable products! A leather recliner makes a great choice in terms of comfort, durability and style. Choose any leather recliner which is made from top grain leather; it will last a long time and offer you total comfort. It’s a great way to relax in style and spend some comfortable time reading a book or just taking a nap. Leather is easy to clean, is stain resistant, and retains its originality for years. Any leather recliner can work with your decor and gives your home a natural aesthetic look. You can enjoy the dual functionality of your recliner by leaning back comfortably and by extending the footrest.

Comfort Is Important

Recliners are good for people suffering from back pain but you need to select the right sized recliner. Selecting your best recliner for backpain involves choosing its size carefully. It’s not just about how much space is available in your living room, but the best recliner for backpain means it will fit into your body shape exactly, without additional efforts. Experts believe that the best recliner for backpain is one which does not have an attached foot rest since it will never fit your exact size and shape. Look for a feature which will allow you to gently unlock the ottoman so that it gradually tilts as it reclines. This will help in releasing pressure from your knees and helping you to stay comfortably.

Size Matters The Most

Recliners are quite like shoes. Their style and design is definitely important but comfort is what ultimately matters! While selecting a recliner for your family, experts recommend trying out a small recliner first. A small recliner offers great cushioning and keeps its shape for a longer period of time. Do not miss checking out the footrest to ensure that it maneuvers easily, check for any probable bumpy parts and listen for any kind of squeaks when moving (indication of bad alignment).

Go ahead! It’s time to select the best recliner for yourself and your family!