Why Buy American Leather?

November 11, 2014

Founded in the 1990, American Leather is the leading provider of American Leather furniture and Leather comfort sleepers . Founded by Bob Duncan, American Leather became highly popular for its ‘just-in-time’ policy. This policy means that customers would get their custom American leather furniture made as well as shipped in a very short period of 3 weeks and sometimes even less than that. Today, the company is featured in more than 650 showrooms across the nation.

Why Choose American Leather?

  • Durability - American Leather cares for its customers and builds furniture that lasts a long time. Long lasting durability is achieved with precision cutting techniques, good interlocking systems, strong frames and improvement in overall sturdiness of frame. Every piece of American leather furniture offers extra support, great firmness and overall sturdiness.
  • Great Comfort – Unidirectional webbed suspension seating is used to achieve high resiliency and great foam cushions. This offers beautiful design lines, comfort and solid furniture.
  • Fastest Delivery – American Leather is known for its speedy delivery process. Custom made furniture is made and shipped within 3 weeks and even faster sometimes!

American Leather Comfort Sleepers

Comfort sleepers are American Leather’s most in demand products! Available in a wide range of designs, American Leather comfort sleepers are trendy, comfortable and are designed to fit into tight spaces. Breckin is one of the American Leather comfort sleepers available and is considered to be the smallest queen sized comfort sleeper of the world. It is popular for having the thinnest arms, with raised body and a sleek metalic. This comfort sleeper is designed to grab the attention of anyone who walks into the room. Most sleepers offered by American Leather use space saving technology which simply means a larger bed in a small room.

American Leather Furniture

Customers are flooded with options and many times choices can become truly difficult. When selecting. American Leather furniture, it is all about durability, great craftsmanship and with beauty, all of which are known to improve with age. Top grain leather, the highest quality of leather, is used to cover most American Leather furniture, which is enhanced with a protective finish to increase its quality. American Leather offers various levels of protection through its leather furniture, in the form of light protection, medium level of protection and highly protective leather treatments. All American Leather furniture uses space saving technology that is important to most family, since everyone needs to save a little space!