What Can You Get from Barcalounger?

November 14, 2014

A premium brand retailer, Barcalounger has been one of the leaders in the furniture industry since 1940’s, when they produced their first recliner. Famous for their super quality, highly luxurious and innovative designs, Barcalounger is now a household name when we talk about recliners. Comfortable and innovative, luxurious recliners, with a promise of great durability and strength have made Barcalounger an industry leader!

Over the years, Barcalounger has changed many of its techniques of production. Changes have been made to stay abreast with contemporary style, but their core value has never changed. Barcalounger recliners are not just a representation of grandfathers or fathers recliners, but they are a balanced mix of innovation, contemporary design and high fashion recliners, which are suitable for almost every lifestyle. An unmatched combination of sophisticated vintage designer looks and sleek contemporary design, Barcalounger recliners are all about decorative stitching, attention to details, and smooth shapes, which are just perfect for any kind of decor, modern or vintage.


Barcalounger Casual Comfort

Barcaloungers casual comfort collection is a wonderful assembly of casual and comfortable chairs, with careful attention to intricate detailing and a unique blend of uncommon styling, which make these chairs unique and the most sought after. Customers need to make a choice and select a frame style as per their need – whether they would select a recliner or rocker or something else. Each Carcalounger recliner is styled differently and offers a completely different experience. These recliners promise full body comfort, great upholstery and a completely relaxed plush luxurious experience, while complimenting the décor of any home, no matter where they are placed. Their collection of recliners offer a variety of features which include curved arms, pocketed coil seating, long lasting foam for great support, famous box seating arrangement and pub back among many more options.


Vintage Classic Collection                                                                                                                                                                     

The Vintage Classic Collection is a group of recliners with eclectic design elements which are presented through an amazing transitional style with the help of a number of designing influences! Clean flowing lines, impeccable designing, and variety in designs make this collection a sought after one. The Lectern II style in this collection is a great balance of a variety of designing elements, including the famous Bombay shaped arm which is highly popular. Other features include double stitching (assuring great durability) and no stitching slips anywhere. Welted box seat cushions offer great support and unmatched comfort, while assuring long lasting superior comfort to users.