Best Home Furnishings: The Best Home Furnishings Around!

November 22, 2014

Best Home Furnishings started their journey in 1962. Their first property was very small, but just big enough for the two founders. From such a humble beginning, the company (known as Best Chairs then) moved on to build an enormous empire and became the leaders in the industry quickly. Forty years later, the company became Best Home Furnishings: a name that helped in representing their whole product line.


Today, Best Home Furnishings is spread over five locations and employs more than 1000 employees. Soon, it will be one of the largest and truly best furniture manufacturers of the world.


What Made Best Unique

Best Home Furnishings has a very unique, yet simple theme, which has made it a leader in the highly competitive furniture industry. Their motto has always been to make the highest quality product at the most affordable price. Their products are no longer limited to chairs, but their commitment towards quality maintenance and customer satisfaction has always remained the same. Best Home Furnishings offers products many different styles and in several thousands of fabric options. Orders are are delivered in a few days (not weeks).


Best Furniture Products

Best Home Furnishings offers a splendid range of products, which include some of the very best in chairs, recliners, sofas, glider rockers and more. Their furniture is available for use in the home and office.


Best Chairs

Their chairs are available in a wide range of styles and include some exquisite pieces, like classic wingback chairs to very modern swivel barrel chairs. Their chairs are made from high quality hardwood, have a frame that is very strong, are made from high-density foams and are available with best cushioning fibers. Also, customers can select from a wide range of fabrics and leathers. Best Home Furnishings chairs are comfortable, totally relaxing, durable, easily customizable (adding motion, for example, by way of glider mechanisms) and totally affordable.


Best Recliners

Recliners offered by Best Home Furnishings are the perfect blend of best cushioning fibers, hardwood frames and superb construction techniques, which make the recliners durable and highly affordable. They are fashionable, offer great functionality, and total relaxation every time you sit in them. Their recliners are available in a large number of styles and sizes, which makes them flexible for any style décor. It’s no wonder they are in high demand! Customers can select a giant Beast recliner or a small cozy recliner or maybe something just in between; there is a custom built option available for everyone.