How to Choose the Right Reclining Sofa

December 05, 2014

If it’s time to buy a new reclining sofa, it’s natural to get stumped! Don’t worry! It happens to everyone who is looking forward to finding that perfect new piece of furniture to match their current décor, have the best features, AND bring it home within the budget!

So, how do you choose the right reclining sofa? Here are some quick things to consider:

Size – How big of a reclining sofa do you need? Keep in mind your available physical space and also consider the fact that it should fit you as well. The better it will fit your body shape, the more comfortable you will be.

Comfort factors – Never compromise on quality of materials used, including wood, metal, leather and fabric. This will help determine the comfort of the piece. Proper fit is assured by brands like Ekornes or Sitbest. It is important for structure of your reclining sofa is supported by good quality upholstery. This will help to relax your body while offering complete support and great comfort.

Focus On Frame and Structure – Repair experts believe that non moving parts of a reclining sofa are easily damaged and break quickly. You can check construction details from makers like American Leather, and ask for more videos and photos from other manufacturers. The use of plastic fasteners, unsteady screws, poor quality pressboards and use of low quality wood will not give you a solid structure. Do not be fooled by gimmicky descriptions – check for yourself.

Style Preferences – Buy a reclining sofa which matches the décor of your. Hundreds of styles and designs are available with from a huge selection of vendors, like Barcalounger, Best or Ekornes. You have a lot of options

List of Must-Have Features – Reclining sofas from vendors like Ekornes or Sitbest are available with plenty of features. In advance, you should prepare a list of all features which you need to have in your reclining sofa. This might mean a specific reclining position, maybe additional comfort features with articulating headrest, sleep functions, dual support option, choice of reclining position, choice for upholstery and so on. Once you have a good-looking reclining sofa, look for the features and how they match your list.

Operating Features – Though most reclining sofas from vendors like Best or American Leather are easy to operate, it’s a good idea to check out how they work before you bring your reclining sofa home. Complex processes or delicate parts, which add to its stylish design, might be difficult to on your own. Choose a simple to operate reclining sofa for total comfort and ease of use.

In conclusion, it’s important to take in all the important factors before you purchase your next reclining sofa. However, with all the different options has to offer, there is no way you won’t be able to find just the one you are looking for.