Ekornes and Fjords – Which Is Better?

December 19, 2014

Ekornes and Fjords are both Norwegian based furniture-manufacturing companies that manufacture some of the finest furniture available on the market. Their products are durable, comfortable, and highly affordable. Ekornes and Fjords have become very popular brand names in the furniture industry across the world. These two manufacturers sell the best quality furniture with great designs, functionality, and excellent longevity. Both these famous furniture companies are located in Sykklven, Norway. Ekornes and Fjords pride themselves on their European heritage, designs, and engineering technology. Furniture shoppers may find it difficult to determine which is the best brand – Ekornes or Fjords?

How Do Ekornes and Fjords Features Compare?

These company’s products are made to the highest standards and craftsmanship. Some key features such as leather grades, wood bases, the injection molded foam seat & back assembly, and the steel structure are the same or very close between the two brands. But, some options such as the lumber support, seat padding layers and the sizes are different. Fjords recliners use a simple “Active Release System’ which is designed to adjust only the head support, whereas Stressless recliners use the “Plus System TM” which not only automatically adjusts the neck support but also adjusts the lumber support. The number of sizes is also different between Ekornes and Fjords. Ekornes offers  large, medium and small size options, whereas Fjords offer only a large or small size.

How Ekornes and Fjords Are They Made?

Ekornes  incorporates the latest technologies in designing and manufacturing their recliners. The Stressless Glide System allows the user to move automatically while seated. You can sit upright or recline simply by adjusting the glide wheels to the desired tightness. The Stressless recliners are designed to automatically adapt to your body and its movements. Stressless recliners even feature a “Sleep Position” that allows the user to go from reclining to nearly laying out flat. Stressless recliners provide superior and ultra- comfort furniture with excellent longevity, and ensure premium levels of comfort and support in all seating positions.

Fjords chairs and sofas are designed to provide great comfort as well. Fjords incorporates the latest technologies to design and manufacture their recliners, ensuring the most comfortable solution to your sitting needs. Fiords recliners have an incredibly simple “Active Release System” to allow the user to adjust their head support when sitting upright or reclining back. It only requires minor adjustments from the user to adapt to their needs from any sitting position. Although Fjords recliners are a little less technologically sophisticated than their Stressless counterparts, they work well.

So Which Should I Choose - Ekornes or Fjords?

Although both Ekornes and Fjords share a great deal of similarities, they do have some key differences as well. If you are looking for a comfortable recliner, Ekrones or Fjords both offer the excellent quality recliners. It can be difficult to recommend one brand over the other because both Ekornes and Fjords furniture provide great comfort, and are built to last long. The choice depends on your budget. Fjords is several hundreds of dollars on average cheaper than Ekornes. If you are able to pay the price then you should choose Ekornes. However, recliners by both brands are well made, comfortable, and long lasting.