Ekornes Accessories

January 10, 2015

Ekornes is one of the most popular brand names in the furniture industry in the United States, providing a wide range of comfortable, durable and affordable products for many decades. In addition to mainstream furniture pieces, Ekornes or “Stressless” accessories are also hugely popular among customers across the country. Here are some of the most popular Ekornes accessories offered at extremely affordable prices:

Stressless Computer Table

This upgraded Stressless Computer Table can be used on either side of your chair, giving you a good, comfortable working station. Once you have finished your work, simply swing the table aside and fold it down. The Stressless Computer Table fits and matches all Stressless recliners with a round wooden base.

Elevator Ring for Stressless Ottoman

This ring fits all freestanding Ottomans produced after March 1 2004. The Stressless Ottoman Elevator Ring adds 11/4” to the height of any ottoman for users who need a little higher ottoman for their comfort.

Stressless Hardwood Floor Protector

This keeps your wood or tile floors in pristine condition. The Stressless Hardwood Floor Protector is self-adhesive felt and sized to fit all signature ring-based Stressless recliners.

Elevator Ring for Stressless Recliner

Elevator rings protect recliners and provide more stability to your chairs wood base. Elevator rings are only available in black

Stressless Swing Table

This small and smart table swings to one side when not in use. It has room for a book and the beverage of your choice. The Swing Table fits most Stressless recliners with round base excluding the Dream, Spirit, Jazz and Blues chairs.

Stressless Duo Ottoman

You can use the Stressless Duo Ottoman as a footstool or as a small table. You can use it as a convenient and movable table as well as a footrest. The Stressless Duo Ottomans are easy to move because they are very lightweight.

Stressless Double Ottoman w/Table

The Stressless Double Ottoman w/Table has plenty of room to rest your legs as well as ample storage space inside it. It also has an optional top that can be used as a handy refreshment table. When you don’t need the tabletop, you can store it inside the ottoman.

Stressless Modern Medium Ottoman

The Stressless Modern Medium Ottoman has a built-in tilt system which makes it adjustable to your sitting position. It also has plenty of storage room under its removal top.

Ekornes accessories are comfortable, durable and made in a unique way. All products are made using the same quality and care, ensuring you get the most enjoyment out of the accessories. Ekornes accessories will increase your enjoyment of Ekornes recliners because they truly enhance the experience their products provide with their innovation and ingenuity.