Which Is Better: A Built in Footrest or a Separate Ottoman?

January 19, 2015

Choosing a Built-in Foot Rest or a Separate Ottoman

The design of a chair or recliner can differ when it comes to accommodating each person’s needs and aesthetic tastes. Single seats and recliners can both be constructed with an attached footrest or come with a separate matching ottoman. A separate footrest for a chair or recliner is known as an ottoman. The decision between these two types of rests comes down to personal preference; however, most of the recliners used in offices now come with an ottoman-style footrest.

Recliners with a Built-in Foot Rests

A recliner with a built in footrest has folding action and fixed inclining arms and back rest. This style of recliner should be adjustable according to one’s comfort and convenience. Recliners with built-in footrests give the best support to your calf muscles and make you feel more relaxed when you are using one at home or at the office. When choosing this style footrest, compare not only the size and layout of various footrest options, but also the comfort of the padding on each unit. It is also important to keep in mind that this style of recliner includes a large amount of moving parts and mechanics, which may be more prone to repair. If you are looking for recliners with built-in or hidden footrests, then choose one of the world-class brands or vendors you can find on Recliners.la.

Recliners with a Separate Ottoman

A separate ottoman is a short stool that is intended to be utilized as a movable footrest. If you are taller or shorter than average, then a separate ottoman may give you greater control and freedom than a recliner with fixed built-in footrest. This style of recliner provides added comfort to your legs. Vendors that offer a wide range of reclining chairs with this style of ottoman include:

Personal Style and Requirements

Whether a built-in footrest is better for you than a separate ottoman depends on your aesthetic tastes and physical requirements. You should do your homework before choosing a reclining chair and understand what your needs and tastes are. It is important that you choose a reputable vendor when making this decision, to ensure quality in whichever style you decide to purchase.