Inada Furniture

February 09, 2015

Company Profile & Buyers Guide


The premium quality massage chairs manufactured by Inada Furniture help to reduce stress, aches, and pain in various areas of the body. Their sturdy construction and sleek design also make them a popular option for shoppers who are looking for a practical way to relieve stress, without sacrificing attractive aesthetics.


Inada massage chairs come in three main models. The DreamWave, Flex 3s, and Yu•Me, each offer a unique set of features and benefits with vast customization options:


Inada DreamWave® Massage Chair


The Inada DreamWave® Massage Chair offers a full-body massage, designed to enhance healing, blood flow, and overall wellness. This chair’s massage features cover more body area than any other massage chair on the market – 1,200 square inches! With 16 pre-programmed massage options, as well as deep relaxation, heat, and intensity customization options, the DreamWave® is truly the most premium luxury experience on the market.


Inada Flex 3s® Massage Chair


The Inada Flex 3s® Massage Chair boasts the ability to deliver posture-enhancing flexibility and stretching movements. Posture has a life-changing health effects, including circulation, bone alignment, and muscle tension. With 11 pre-programmed massage options, including Full Body & Stretch and Stretch All, this luxury chair will deliver a therapeutic and relaxing experience every day!



Inada Yu•Me™ Massage Chair

The Inada Yu•Me™ Massage Chair (pronounced You-Me) is a rocking massage chair constructed to replicate the feeling of a shiatsu massage. This chair is considered to be the most widely accepted and enjoyed. It is an especially great option for new moms or moms-to-be. Featuring superior pressure point detection, neck stretching abilities, and calf massagers, as well as a rotary rocking action, this chair is fully customizable.


Why Inada USA?

Inada has received industry recognition as being the world’s best massage chair manufacturer since 1962. Their chair have won numerous awards and accolades, and offer top-of-the line daily massage, deep relaxation, stress relief, and pain correction. They are undeniably the best value for your money and will continue providing you with these Inada benefits year after year.