Lafer Products Offer Style and Sophistication to Homes and Offices

March 23, 2015

The one thing Lafer chairs have in common is their sleek and sophisticated design. Created in a range of colors to fit your needs, every model offers its own list of benefits. Comfort is key. Each chair supports and cushions the back making the brand one people know and prefer.

Lafer Recliners Fit Every Budget

Luxurious Lafer recliners are available in a variety of price ranges. We offer the following models for you to choose from:

From the name of several of the chairs alone, you expect to feel like a rock star each time you sit in the recliner. You’ve got to do the musicians proud, right? How else are they able to stand on stage for hours at a time? It’s all possible because of the comfortable seating they have the rest of the day.

The Differences Between a Recliner and an Executive Recliner

The major difference between a Lafer recliner and an executive recliner has to do with the bottom of the chair. The recliner has a fixed base where the executive recliner has wheels standard with many office chairs. This allows a person the freedom to move about the room with ease without ever leaving their seat.

Both options come with an extra footrest extension for maximum comfort. Other differences between the two options have to do with color choices. Some executive recliners come in standard colors such as brown, black, and grey. Others come in an assortment of colors including Cherry, Orange, and Mint.

Selecting the right Lafer recliner for a home or business has everything to do with how it fits in with the decor. Brightly colored or traditionally colored, the chic lines of Lafer chairs provide a touch of class without every becoming dated. The classic design of the recliners makes it a stylish option that people enjoy sitting in day after day.