Interior Design Part 3: Southwestern, Coastal, Country, and Tuscan

May 11, 2015


For those of you looking for a more region-specific design, consider the following classic styles:


Southwestern style design is (not surprisingly) inspired by the colors, wildlife, and lifestyle of the desert. Though it is flexible in terms of furniture, decoration, and design, it is typically defined by rustic imagery and iconic symbols of the southwest. Longhorn skulls, leather, rough wood, rounded edges, and metal decorations are all common sights in Southwestern design. Most designers favor a more subtle use of decorations in order to prevent this style from feeling overblown; however feel free to let your sense of style and imagination make the final decision. 


Coastal style originated in the northwestern United States and reflects the laid-back costal lifestyle. Emphasis is placed on durability, comfort, and functionality. Blue, green, creamy white and beige are all classic coastal colors, as they evoke imagery of the sea, the sand, and the sky. Casual furniture, durable upholstery fabric, and beach inspired decorations such as anchors and seashells all fit perfectly with costal style. Natural light and lots of breezy open space are both fantastic final touches.


Welcoming, relaxing, and comfortable, country style is another classic. Featuring soft yet cheerful colors and plain, homey decorations such as quilts, wicker baskets, and wildflowers, it could make anyone feel right at home. Large, comfy furniture, distressed surfaces, and simple hand-made touches are all characteristics of country style.


Rustic yet refined, Tuscan style is a classic design from the Italian countryside.  It features soft earthy colors and natural lighting; traditional material such as wood, plaster, and stucco; and sparse artisan accent pieces such as pottery, metalwork, and stone.  Furniture is simple, and exposed ceilings and wooden beams can add the perfect touch.