All About Leather

June 02, 2015


Leather has always been a popular choice for furniture upholstery—and anyone who owns leather furniture knows why. Leather´s comfort, durability, and style are without comparison. Here are some important facts for anyone considering investing in leather furniture.


  • Leather is the most durable upholstery material available. When properly maintained, it can improve with age and last over 30 years.
  • Leather’s premium texture makes it one of the most comfortable options out there.
  • If treated quickly, most spills and stains can be completely removed from leather surfaces.
  • Leather is fire resistant.
  • Leather is a classic yet stylish upholstery option.


  • Leather is high-maintenance compared to other kinds of upholstery.
  • Leather must be carefully protected from humidity and excessive sunlight.
  • Leather can get cold in the winter and hot in the summer
  • Leather is generally a bit more expensive than other upholstery fabrics.

Types of leather 

There are several distinctive types of leather out there—each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Here´s a quick rundown of the most common kinds of leather.

  • Aniline leather (also called ¨naked leather) is an almost untreated form of leather, thus preserving the natural surface of the cow hide.
  • Bonded leather (also called reconstituted leather) is made out of shredded leather that has been bonded together. The result is strong and durable, though the texture is also a bit tougher. Pigmented leather features similar pros and cons.
  • Semi-Aniline leather offers an in between option—it is treated slightly to improve durability and stain-resistance, however it maintains a largely natural look and texture.


As noted above, leather is a relatively high-maintenance material. It should be cleaned thoroughly at least once a week and maintained with a special leather conditioner (available in most furniture stores.) For more information on how to care for leather furniture, click here.