The Right Recliner for You

July 06, 2015

With so many options on the market, it is often difficult to determine exactly what kind of recliner is right for you. Many factors play into the selection of a recliner, such as price, quality, type of materials used, size, and appearance. Each major brand offers some unique variation in style and function. The trick to choosing a recliner that will suit your needs specifically is knowing what each brand has to offer. From extravagant and luxurious to simple and practical, from cheap to expensive, from leather-upholstered to cotton or wool, there is a perfect reclining chair for every sensibility and budget.

Recliner Brands

American Leather: If you are looking for very high quality, beautifully made leather chairs, American Leather is possibly the best way to go. A perfect blend of both style and comfort, these, sleek, elegant leather chairs and sofas are worth every penny.

Barcalounger: Not only are these products attractive, but, for high-end recliners and sofas, are also relatively inexpensive. These quality chairs are suitable for almost any situation, usable anywhere from a living room, to a den, to an office.

Cozzia: Cozzia is the North American branch of Xiamen Comfort Science and Technology, a brand that specializes in lavish massage chairs. If you are looking for a chic way to stay comfortable and relaxed in a quality massage chair, Cozzia is definitely the best choice for you.

Fjords: Fjords reclining chairs embody almost every valued aspect of reclining chairs—beauty, functionality, and an interesting, modern style. Most of their recliners also come equipped with matching ottomans for maximum comfort.

Pallister: A brand that sells not only recliners, but comfortable futons and sofabeds as well, all deeply comfortable and great to use when friends are over.

All in all, buying a good reclining chair is all about knowing what certain brands specialize in and getting the best chair for a price that suits your needs. It is advisable to do some personal research before making any major purchase. Don’t just buy the first thing you see; find a reclining chair that you will love for years to come.