Dozens of Stressless Chair Colors Available Now

July 08, 2015

We can all agree that a comfortable, well made reclining chair helps relieve stress as well as improves back fitness, and thus has a multitude of health benefits. This fact alone makes Ekornes Stressless reclining chairs a great investment, as they are generally considered some of the best available. However, there are now even more reasons to buy Ekornes, because not only are they comfortable, stylish and healthy, but also come in an array of colors, designed to suit any setting or sensibility. With the dozens of new colors and styles available, there’s no reason not to buy a new Ekornes chair today!

Stressless chairs can be both functional and beautiful additions to any setting, work or residential. Here are just a few types of Ekornes Stressless chairs and useful ideas on how to use them to help improve interior design:

Stressless City: This sleek and attractive chair (available, of course, in a variety of colors), which comes equipped with a footrest, making it great for relaxing, is the perfect centerpiece for an office or a den. Spice up any room with this vibrant, lustrous chair, available in two sizes: standard base (17”) and high base (18.5”).

Stressless Skyline: A gorgeous and extremely well-designed recliner that incorporates aspects of classic chair design but retains a sort of modern—almost postmodern—flair. It is adjustable as well, for maximum comfort and balance. This luxurious chair is one of the best one can find on the market today.

Stressless Voyager: If you’re seeking the utmost in reclining chair comfort, look no further than the Stressless Voyager. This chair is likely the most lavish available worldwide. It comes equipped a curved back to make it seem sleek and elegant, while still allowing the possible maximum comfort and support, as well as a matching, cushioned footrest.