The Recliner Renaissance

July 09, 2015

Why reclining chairs are making a strong comeback

Though recliners date back to 19th century France, the idea didn´t become truly popular until the 1960s, when their use became widespread across the United States and the world. In the 1990s, however, recliners fell out of style. Sales plummeted, and many people considered recliners to be too bulky and too stylistically awkward.

In recent years, however, the recliner has made a huge comeback—largely thanks to sleek new modern styles that have come onto the market. The popularity of recliners has increased so quickly, in fact, that the Toledo Blade named the phenomenon ¨the recliner renaissance.¨ Here are 5 reasons why reclining chairs are making a comeback.

  1. Hands-free motion

Most modern recliners can change position seamlessly without relying on levers. This is a huge plus for both comfort and style—not to mention that it allows for a wider range of motion. Many contemporary recliners do not even include a lever.  

  1. Gliding recliners

Gliding recliners, which allow for a gentle back and forth rocking motion, are becoming increasingly popular. Some gliding recliners even allow for a swiveling motion. The flexibility and comfort of these chair has certainly been a factor in the recliner renaissance.

  1. Reclining is good for back health

New studies have shown that reclining (rather than sitting up straight) is better for back health because it relieves pressure on the spinal column. This makes recliners a no brainer for anyone experiencing back problems.

  1. More stylistic flexibility

Many people believe that traditional recliners are difficult to incorporate into their interior design. Thankfully, many new models have come out allowing for recliners in nearly all styles—from modern, to wingback, to executive, and everything in between. And of course—for those who prefer something a bit more retro—the traditional design is also available in furniture stores everywhere.