All the Stressless Recliner Facts You Need to Know

July 14, 2015

If you are considering purchasing a Stressless Recliner, it means you are one of a growing number of Americans who has heard of the Norwegian Furniture company Ekornes. Ekornes produces what is considered some of the finest luxury furniture in all of Northern Europe—and the world. So if you’re wondering what all the buzz is about, here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know.

  • Origin and History

Ekornes was founded in 1934, and attained success quickly due to their dedication to quality. Though the company has always produced a variety of furniture and mattresses, in 1971 they created a special niche when they released the classic Stressless recliner. This was the first recliner specially designed to conform to the human body’s need for support and flexibility. The Stressless has been wildly popular ever since, and has become both the defining brand of Ekornes as well as an influential model for imitators. Other Ekornes brands you may recognize include the Ekornes Collection, Svane and IMG.

  • Stressless Innovation 

Stressless furniture includes a variety of original patented features. Why? The goal is simple: create furniture that is striking yet comfortable and practical—and most importantly, intelligent. Unlike other furniture, Stressless is designed to follow your movements, provide perfectly individualized support, and adapt to any body type—providing an impeccable experience every time.

  • Comfort and Health

Recent science is confirming what Stressless innovators have known for a long time: better support equals more comfort, which in turn leads to better back health. Doctors now recommend sitting in a reclined position to aid in support, and what better recliner to choose than the Stressless, which was designed with support in mind?

  • Committed to the future

Last but not least, you can rest easy knowing that Ekornes is dedicated to caring for the environment, and to providing world-class working conditions—leading to a better product today, and a better world tomorrow.