360 Degrees in Stressless Highback Chairs

July 31, 2015

What makes Ekornes furniture the best in the world? It’s not the high quality, warranty-protected leather upholstery. It’s not the dual-foam cushion structure offering both solid support and that classic “floating on air” sensation. It’s not the precision assembled steel, the elegant beech wood, or even the unique and beautiful designs. What really sets Ekornes apart? If you ask us, it’s the technology.

360 swivel

Ekornes offer a unique 360 degree swivel feature in all recliners—a concept nearly unheard of in full sized recliners. This design maximizes comfort as you will never need to twist from side to side. Not only do our beautiful beech wood frames create an open, spacious feel in your living room while allowing for unhindered movement; they also offer customization through Ekornes Stressless elevator rings. Our chairs already come in a variety of three distinct sizes to meet the needs of all users, however, this cost effective, easy to use rings permit complete adaption.

Adjustable headrest

Our Stressless headrest adjusts back and forth to whatever position suits you—so whether you’re reading, watching television, or talking with friends, you’ll always find the ideal position offering both comfort and support. The headrest even swings completely back into a sleeping position.

Glide™ seamless movement

Ekornes chairs are designed to move seamlessly with your body. Once adjusted, the Glide™ system allows the chair to recline and move forward smoothly based upon your weight distribution—just lean back to recline and lean forward to sit back up!

Plus™ lumbar support system

The patented Plus™ lumbar support system provides complete support regardless of what position you choose to recline in. Based upon extensive study of the human body, the Plus™ springs arch continuously back the farther you recline, creating comfort you won’t find elsewhere. This innovative system earned Ekornes an endorsement by the American Chiropractic Association.