Raise Your Height with Ekornes Stressless Elevator Rings

August 05, 2015

If you’re as long legged as I am, you may have trouble sitting comfortably in regular sized recliners. If you share this problem, however, I have great news for you—the most comfortable chair in the world just got better! Ekornes Stressless furniture now offers specialized elevator rings that connect to the base of all their Stressless chairs, elevating the chair to a more comfortable height without sacrificing the convenient swivel feature that many Stressless chairs offer!

Ekornes has been offering this same level of comfort for over eighty years. Their commitment to quality and their consistently innovative furniture have brought them from their humble start as a local Norwegian mattress company to the acclaimed stature they now enjoy as one of the world’s premier top of the line furniture makers.

Innovation and quality are exactly what helped Ekornes win the approval of the American Chiropractic Society. The Stressless™ technology offered by Ekornes allows each and every chair to move and adjust with your body—creating seamless support that’s guaranteed to make every Ekornes experience comfortable.   So if you’ve been experiencing problems with your recliner (whether because of your height or simply because of low quality) consider switching to Ekornes. Recliners.la is currently offering the lowest authorized prices on Ekornes furniture, making right now the perfect moment to invest in high quality comfort!

In addition to their famously relaxing Stressless recliners, Ekornes also offers a complete selection of furniture including sectionals, love seats, sofas, ottomans, and theatre seating. Most recently, Ekornes has also added a new line of Stressless office chairs. So whether you want to lounge in your recliner, watch the game with your friends, or work in style and comfort, Ekornes furniture and recliners.la have you covered. Stop in today to check out our selection—you’ll be glad you did!