Yes, We Do Have Stressless Lookalike Chairs!

August 07, 2015

Ekornes Stressless chairs are undoubtedly among the best in the world. Their high quality leather, innovative technology, and unique shape offer ideal comfort—while their stylish and distinctive designs add an undeniable elegance. For many, the only turnoff about these top of the line chairs is the price.

Here’s the good news: offers Stressless look alike chairs! These specially designed, quality tested chairs aim to imitate the uniquely relaxation and eye-grabbing flair offered by Ekornes Stressless furniture without imitating the high-end prices. For many, these look alike chairs offer the perfect medium. They look great and feel fantastic but they won’t break the bank.

Looking to get the most value for your money? Let’s break down the details:

Wood: Ekornes uses Beech wood—a popular hardwood often used in high end furniture. While Beech does offer quality, there are lots of other types of hardwood on the market—many of which are equally as durable yet a bit more inexpensive. Just be careful to avoid softwood, which will wear out more quickly.

Upholstery: Ekornes uses high quality leather on their furniture. Many cheaper brands use bonded leather. To many, the difference between these two types of upholstery is nearly unnoticeable. Visit a furniture store near you to see the difference for yourself—if you feel equally as comfortable in a bonded-leather Ekornes look alike, then there is little reason to shell out the extra cash.

Patented Features: Ekornes Stressless furniture features a pair of patented technologies that have won over a devoted following—the glide™ and the plus™ systems, to be exact. Both of these systems maximize comfort and support by allowing the chair to shift and move with the user. Once again, the best way to know if you will truly need this exact technology is by visiting a store—once you have tried both chairs out, you’ll be able to decide if the official Ekornes technology is worth paying the official Ekornes price.

PRO TIP: If you feel truly torn between the quality of Ekornes Stressless furniture and the prices of the lookalikes, consider the Stressless Diplomat or the Stressless Consul—two relatively inexpensive yet high quality Ekornes chairs.