4 Tips for Moving Furniture

June 20, 2017

4 Tips for Moving Furniture

One of the many ways that we work hard to make life easier for our customers is our unique coast-to-coast doorstep delivery. Whether you live in Portland, Oregon or Portland, Maine, Recliners.LA will pay the full cost of shipping in order to ensure that your new recliner, loveseat, theatre setup, etc. arrives at your door free of cost to you.



All the same, we know that curbside delivery isn’t always enough. Having furniture outside your home, business, or building is one thing -- getting it completely set up inside is another. That’s why we have developed relationships with a number of local moving companies across the country, and can offer you special deals on any additional moving costs.


If you do opt to move furniture yourself once RLA doorstep delivery has been completed, here are a few tips that you may find helpful when moving furniture inside your home or business: 


  1. Slide don’t drag furniture, as dragging is one of the most common ways that people accidentally damage their floors. By placing an old blanket or cloth under the sofa, you will be able to move it more easily while minimizing risk to your home.
  2. Lift from the knees, not with your back. This is one of the most frequently repeated pieces of moving advice out there, but sadly, many people still ignore it, putting themselves at risk for injury.
  3. Disassemble furniture as much as possible. This may be as simple as unscrewing the legs to an ottoman, or it could mean bringing your new section in various trips. The smaller the pieces you work with, the simpler your job will be.
  4. Get help! Asking for help, whether from a friend or from professional movers, is always a better option than damaging your home or risking injury, so when in doubt, reach out to someone who can help.


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