Get Flexsteel Quality for Your Home

August 27, 2015

Get Flexsteel Quality for Your Home

Flexsteel is a great American furniture company that has been in business serving families, companies, and churches for over one hundred years.  Renowned for their innovation and commitment to quality, Flexsteel offers a wide selection of home furniture: from the living room to the dining room to the bedroom to your home office—they’ve got you covered! 

                The Flexsteel home furniture line:

Flexsteel’s fine collection of home furniture is based around their classic collection of upholstered furniture.  This includes great sleepers and sofas such as the Vail, the Thornton, and the Bexley; classic recliners such as the Equestrian or the Whistler; and a full selection of sectionals, chairs, ottomans, and coffee tables.

Flexsteel’s design philosophy is creating a “room full of possibilities” using “color and comfort for a space that’s truly welcoming.” Here at, we believe that their beautifully elegant, classic yet timeless style does just that—which is why we’re proud to announce that Flexsteel one of the limited furniture vendors with which we do business. Take a look at our online gallery to check them out for yourself and we’re confident you’ll understand why.

                  Craftsmanship you can rely on

Flexsteel takes a special pride in the craftsmanship of their work. Combining carefully chosen high-quality materials and a hands-on approach to design and construction, Flexsteel offers some of the most highly acclaimed, longest lasting, most original furniture on the market today. Despite all this innovation, however, there’s one thing that’s been the same for nearly 80 years: the Flexsteel “heart of steel” support system. A high-quality alternative to the nearly ubiquitous 8 way hand tied spring method, the heart of steel system is designed to never wear out or sink into the chair as many other spring systems eventually do. Not only does this provide more durability—it’s one of the most comfortable support systems ever invented!