Best in Show - American Leather Comfort Sleeper Sofas

September 03, 2015

American Leather Comfort Sleeper Sofas are available now at Referred to as “the finest sleeper made in America,” American Leather comfort sleeper sofas are available in over a dozen eye-catching styles and seven distinct sizes. Check out our wide selection of American Leather sleepers, sofas, recliners, sectionals, and seating today to take advantage of our special offers—including free shipping on any purchase of over $99!

An innovative Sleeper Sofa

What makes American Leather Comfort Sleeper sofas so great? American leather has pioneered an incredible sleeper-sofa system featuring space saving technology, dust-barrier protection, and a long-lasting, 10 year warrantee-protected sleeper system. What’s more, American Leather uses a superior combination of craftsmanship and precision-automation that spurred the company’s rapid growth. Thanks to this innovative process, American leather has grown from a small local shop to a national furniture powerhouse in the short span of just 25 years.

American Leather Comfort Sleeper mattress options

To allow for further customization, American Leather offers three distinctive, high quality mattress options:

  • Tempur-pedic. The most recommended mattress brand in the United States, Tempur-pedic material is designed to adapt to each user’s specific shape, weight and temperature in order to provide an amazing night’s sleep, every night.
  • The Gel memory foam mattress. Gel offers comfort and quality mattresses perfect for anyone who prefers a softer mattress.
  • Premier series mattresses. A fantastic mattress for anyone looking for firm support, Premier mattresses are built with an innerspring coil system designed to maximize the sleeping surface while promoting overall back health.

Take advantage of amazing deals at

We are an official American Leather dealer, and we’re committed to providing superior service to our customers here in Los Angeles and across the country. Contact us today for more information about American Leather Comfort Sleepers, and don’t forget to ask about free shipping!