5 Reasons to Invest in a Lift Recliner From Ultra Comfort

September 08, 2017

5 Reasons to Invest in a Lift Recliner From Ultra Comfort

Have you ever considered purchasing an electric lift recliner for your home? If you are still on the fence about making such an investment, then perhaps the following 5 benefits of lift recliners will help win you over.

1. Make Sitting Down and Standing Up A Breeze. For people with hip, knee, or back issues -- or any other type of mobility limitation, for that matter -- the mundane task of sitting down and standing up can become painful, difficult, and even dangerous. A lift recliner can help alleviate this problem by aiding you each and every time you sit or stand.

2. Keep Your Feet Elevated. Keeping your legs up can help alleviate pressure on your veins, it can help muscles relax, and it can promote both physical and emotional relaxation. The ability to raise your leg rest automatically with an electric lift recliner makes taking advantage of these benefits much easier.

3. Manage Back Pain. Reclining chairs offer better support for the back, which can be a tremendous benefit for anyone who suffers from chronic back pain.

4. Your Posture. Although most people consider sitting up straight to be the epitome of good posture, the truth is that leaning into a reclining position also boasts a few benefits. As we mentioned above, for example, it reduces the pressure that is normally placed on the back. For more information on ergonomics, visit the Recliners.LA motion furniture buying guide online today.

5. Redistribute Pressure and Body Weight. Staying in the same position for too long is never a good idea, as it can place excessive strain on your muscles and tendons while also irritating the skin. Changing postures from time to time is the best way to combat this -- but for those with limited mobility, this is easier said than done. A lift recliner is one of the best ways of overcoming this issue.


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