5 Tools for Striking the Right Mood In A Room

It doesn’t always take a professional interior designer to make your living room look fantastic. With a bit of creativity and hard work, you can create any style you can dream of. Here are a few highly effective ways of accomplishing just that. 


  1. Accent Pieces. As practical as they are stylish, an eye-catching and colorful accent piece such as the Adele Recliner by Lafer can really redefine the entire mood of an otherwise boring or overly homogenous room. 


  1. A Fresh Coat of Paint. Relatively cheap and extremely effective, a new coat of paint can facilitate a 180 degree change in the attitude of your living room.


  1. Decorations. Be deliberate about how you decorate your space! Over the years, many of us accumulate knick knacks, photos, souvenirs, and other decorations -- but using all of these accessories haphazardly can create a chaotic look. Grouping items together strategically, keeping certain types of decorations in certain rooms, and looking with a critical eye to see how everything “fits together” can make a huge difference in terms of style and cohesion.


  1. Mirrors. Mirrors make fantastic decorations that can even improve the lighting of your room when placed strategically. (We’ll talk more about lighting here in a minute!) Mirrors are especially useful in small rooms and spaces, as they can help create a larger, more open feel.


  1. Lighting. Without a doubt one of the most effective ways of changing the mood in a room is to change the lighting. Whether you want to supplement overhead lighting with a lamp, add decorational lighting, or boost natural lighting with a mirror or a change in curtains, there are so many ways to redefine your room through better, more mood-specific lighting.


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