Ekornes Stressless Chairs Have Now Taken Over The Office

December 02, 2015

Ekornes Stressless Chairs Have Now Taken Over The Office

For over eighty years the Ekornes company has manufactured some of the highest quality furniture in the world for the home. Now, from the very same artisans comes their new designs made specifically for the office. You can try out and buy these chairs from Recliners.LA, one of the top Ekornes providers in the Southern California region. Not only will your workforce appreciate the comfort of Stressless technology, but any client that visits your office will be impressed by Ekornes' sophistication and elegance. These chairs say "Success!" You get a quality piece of furniture when you buy from Ekornes, and you also support a company that takes its social responsibilities seriously: Ekornes leads the furniture industry in both care for the environment and care for its workers. Let's take a closer look at both the Stressless chair and the innovative company behind it.

Art and Science Become One: The Stressless Chair

In 1971 Ekornes released its first Stressless chairs – combining beauty with comfort, they became an instant success. In 1991 they released their patented Plus system which took all of the Stressless technology and combined it into a chair that could lean back. Watching TV or reading a book from a reclining position was possible, and this idea too took the world by storm. Now Ekornes is specifically designing a Stressless chair for the office: it is distinctive, comfortable, and functional. Made from top grain leather and foam you don't sit "on top of" this chair, but rather you "sink into" it for an experience that brings out the best performance from any worker – no employee is inclined to stand up from their desk and stretch every five minutes because their office chair is so ergonomically deficient. In fact, the Stressless chair grants its users an unparalleled seating experience.

Ekornes: An Exemplar of Social Responsibility

Despite the huge success of the Ekornes company, and the fact that it operates seven factories (six in Norway and one in the United States), Ekornes maintains an earnest commitment to being socially responsible disproving the theory that it is impossible for a large, successful organization care for the environment and its workers. Ekornes participates in the United Nations' Global Compact. This is a voluntary program where members implement ten principles that reflect having a globally conscious business model. Among the principles are a commitment to employee rights, a commitment to human rights, a commitment to combat corporate corruption, and a commitment to sustainable environmental practices. A devotion to these principles is found in the everyday activities of the Ekornes company. They regularly recycle and reuse scraps. Their wood scraps are used as a supplemental heat source for their facilities, and their scrap leather is sold to companies who use it to make smaller products. They seek out green and sustainable materials for use in their furniture, and they always attempt to use water-based paints and lacquers in order to lower their ecological footprint. In addition, they have a worker safety program that continually strives to reduce health hazards in the workplace.

The next time you need furniture for your home or office, consider Ekornes Stressless brand. With them you get a product that combines grace and comfort from a company that strives to do business the right way. Check out Recliners.LA for the latest Ekornes furniture today.