An American Success Story: Flexsteel and Recliners.LA

December 10, 2015

An American Success Story: Flexsteel and Recliners.LA

One of the oldest and most successful furniture companies in the United States is a company called Flexsteel. Their recliners and sofas are available online or at any of the four Reclines.LA   locations. Flexsteel is a perfect example of the American dream turned into a reality. Started in 1901 by four partners, one of the men -- Fred Bertsch-- bought out the other partners in 1917 and built the company into an empire through his innovative use of Blue Spring Technology in upholstered furniture. Over the course of this last century, Flexsteel has developed core beliefs and values based on craftsmanship and accountability that have helped it maintain its leadership role in the furniture industry.

When you purchase a Flexsteel product, you know you are supporting American workers and getting a quality American made product. Every Flexsteel product is tried and tested to commercial standards under the American National Standards Institute. Furthermore, each product must pass the test of complying to the standards of the Business Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association for function, safety, and durability.

At the heart of the Flexsteel success story is the Blue Steel Spring. It has functioned so well in upholstered furniture that its design has barely changed in over seventy five years. Unlike eight-way hand-tied springs that need adjusting, tightening, and even replacing, Blue Steel Spring allows Flexsteel to put a lifetime guarantee on their furniture.

At Flexsteel, your inspiration is their creation. Whether you choose a custom design or choose a piece of furniture from one of their existing designs, your furniture is built with care and precision as soon as you order it. Because Flexsteel believes that people, rather than machines, make furniture, there is always a "hands-on" approach to each individual piece of furniture.

As an industry leader, Flexsteel also takes seriously its responsibilities to its own workers and the environment by working only with respected and quality suppliers. The following principles are the guide in all of their business and manufacturing dealings. First, they make it a priority to have a healthy, safe, and environmentally sound workplace. They closely follow all regulations whether they involve workplace safety or environmental safety. Further, there is an internal structure within the company that guides management to make sound choices whether they're dealing with worker safety or picking out a new fabric from a supplier. They strive to have a solid system of hazardous material identification and control in all their workplaces. Finally, Flexsteel encourages its workers and management alike to take "ownership" of workplace safety and readily volunteer safety concerns or suggestions.

If you are on the market for a Flexsteel product, then go online to Recliners.LA and check out the many Flexsteel items that they have in stock: from loveseats, to recliners, to sofas -- the selection is huge with well over fifty different Flexsteel items available.

Ultimately, there is a simple saying on the Flexsteel website that sums up their philosophy in seven simple words -- "We provide furniture that's beautiful and comfortable." If you want furniture like that, where form and function meet, then visit your nearest Recliners.LA today.