Zuo Mod Seating: Uniting Style and Comfort

Are you looking for seating that is comfortable, beautiful, and functional? Look no further because Zuo Modern Contemporary is a distributor of distinctive furniture for the home or office providing chairs that are elegant, luxurious, and sheik. They have warehouses worldwide, two in the United States, and they have created a brand that customers have come to know and love. Their specialty is to discover and bring cutting edge contemporary furniture to the world. Zuo Mod furniture can be seen in person by potential buyers in the Southern California showrooms of Recliners.LA and can be purchased either in their brick and mortar stores or online.

Recliners.LA offers five guarantees to any customer who comes there looking for the latest Zuo furniture. First, they offer expert service. Their friendly staff will answer any question you have about any Zuo piece, and will do their best to match the right piece of furniture up to your tastes. Second, they offer free shipping to anywhere in the continental United States. Not only do they offer free shipping, but they also offer purchases that include no sales tax if you live outside of California. Fourth, Recliners.LA offers all the best brands, including Zuo Modern. Finally, for those who cannot come to their showroom but want to buy a chair online, they offer a "chair exchange." This guarantees that for up to thirty days Recliners.LA will exchange your chair for a product of your choice. In other words, at Recliners.LA you can search for all the latest Zuo Mod furniture with a peace of mind that is hard to find at other retail locations.

In order to help their customers refine their search for the perfect piece of furniture, Zuo breaks down the pieces they offer into four categories or collections called Modern, Era, Pure, and Vive. In their modern collection Zuo brings back the mid-century modern look. They use polyblend fabrics with depth and rich texture that emphasize warmth and soft colors. Because of their two new factories in Malaysia and Indonesia, they are able to offer even more wood pieces bathed in rich walnut colors. In this collection you can find the Providence Arm Chair in warm gray tones or vivid blues. Their Glider Chairs are for the office and are a great example of the classic perfection of form and function: they curve in a way that supports the lower back while at the same time looking stylish and in vogue.

In Zuo Mod's Era collection the vintage look is brought back with a modern twist. Some of the products are given more character and style by using new cutting edge materials like distressed aluminum and weathered leatherette. The Pure collection guarantees newfangles designs that stimulate your design senses like never before. This category emphasizes mirrors, lamps, rugs, and accents. Finally Zuo's last collection is simply called "Vive." Vive specializes in outdoor living and functionality. If you need a lounge chair for sitting by the pool, a bar stool for your backyard table, or anything else for luxurious outdoor living then the Vive collection is the place to go.

Zuo is a one-stop shopping experience that is culminated under one brand name and one great look. Go to your nearest Recliners.LA location or look online and check out the latest Zuo seating today.