Barcalounger: Lift-Chairs and More!

December 23, 2015

Barcalounger: Lift-Chairs and More!

Barcalounger is an American furniture company renowned for the elegant, lushly cushioned chairs that have been popular ever since production started in 1941. Because of their long tradition of excellence and innovation, is proud to offer a wide selection of Barcalounger chairs at astonishgly affordable prices.

Barcalounger lift chairs

Don’t let the “traditional” nature of Barcalounger fool you: though the Barcalounger line is certainly considered to be a classic, the company is not afraid to move with the times.  In addition to their vintage style chairs, recliners, and sofas, the company offers a wide variety of newer models such as the modern expressions collection, office seating, and (of course) an array of lift-chairs.

Who should consider investing in a lift-chair?  The concept was designed in order to assist people who suffered from mobility issues--and of course if you feel that a lift chair would help your personal comfort in any way, it may be worth thinking about. After all, comfort is a prime factor whenever making a furniture purchase!

The Modern Expressions Collection

For some people, Barcalounger’s biggest strength used to be its biggest weakness.  What are we referring to?  All that padding, of course!  Barcaloungers are known as the plump, comfortable chairs that are perfect to drop down into at the end of a long day and relax.  Unfortunately, for those who live in tight quarters (or for those who simply prefer a more minimalist ambiance) the large, generously cushioned nature of the Barcalounger could potentially be a deal-breaker.  That’s why Barcalounger developed the modern expressions collection.  Placing a special focus on sleekness and economy of space, these ultra-modern models are perfect for those who want the luxury without the bulk.

Barcalounger Office Seating

It’s always exciting when traditional furniture companies release new lines of office furniture--but the Barcalounger office seating models (which will be available starting in 2016) are especially interesting.  Not only is that because they will be one of the newest, most modern lines on the market--but also because Barcalounger has always been well-known for their comfort.  Work, school, or whatever else brings you to your desk may very well seem like a breeze with the high-quality comfort that Barcalounger offers!

The Barcalounger Casual Comfort Line

Okay, so we’ve talked about the ultra-sleek modern expressions collection and the upcoming office seating collection--let’s end on a completely different note!  These are the chairs made for reading, relaxing, or sipping cocoa on a crisp winter’s night. The Barcalounger casual comfort line of furniture is a great addition to any home--and one that the whole family will appreciate.

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