Flexsteel Leather Furniture and Chairs

January 04, 2016

Flexsteel Leather Furniture and Chairs

Flexsteel Furniture is another one of the fine brands offered through Recliners.la and available both to our local customers here in southern California who choose to visit our locations, as well as customers across the United States.  Of course, Recliners.la features over two dozen premier furniture brands, so there is a wide selection to choose from--but this article will discuss a few reasons why Flexsteel just might stand out to you among all the rest.

A Proud History

Flexsteel furniture has been making quality chairs longer than the world’s oldest person has been living!  That’s right, Flexsteel features a history that spans over 120 years--and encompasses many changes and innovations that helped create the premier furniture company that has become synonymous with quality in this day and age.  The company passed through a number of stages and acquisitions (and went from producing hotel and church furniture to more conventional home-based furniture) and eventually found its largest fame when it began innovating the use of spring support in furniture (which eventually helped inspire the name “Flexsteel.”)  Perhaps the most important innovation in the history of Flexsteel furniture, however, was the invention of the “Flex-O-Lounger” chair--one of the first recliner models that helped fuel the explosion in the popularity of recliner chairs in the 1960’s.

Commitment to Quality

Flexsteel furniture has always been committed to quality, which is why they produce their furniture right here in the United States.  In fact, Flexsteel’s Pennsylvania factory is more than just the largest producer of Flexsteel furniture, it is also the largest furniture factory in the eastern United States.  Even amid the popularity and success that allowed for such a factory to be constructed, however, Flexsteel remains committed to the ideals of perfectionism and attention to detail that helped launch them to the respected stature that they currently enjoy