Palliser Furniture at Recliners.LA

January 26, 2016

Palliser Furniture at Recliners.LA

One of the high quality brands offered at Recliners.LA is Palliser Furniture. The Palliser Furniture company has been making elegant, welcoming, and comfortable furniture for the home since 1944. They tout world-renowned craftsmanship and excellent customer service within a business that emphasizes social responsibility.

At Palliser they encourage a work ethic in which every single piece of furniture produced is considered to be a signature piece. That is why all furniture goes through several quality control checks and each individual employee is given the power to scrap a piece that is not up to standards. There is an emphasis on craftsmanship, and a completed sectional is shipped with both a photo of the finished work and the signature of the craftsman that produced it. Unlike many modern furniture companies, where quality is often sacrificed for the sake of production rates and profit, Palliser Furniture has proven for over seven decades that success starts with high quality material and furniture made right.

Palliser offers a sensible number of friendly designs offered in whatever color suits you. They have a wide array of choices limited just enough that the customer does not get lost in the selection process. Check out the options at Recliners.LA -- dual reclining loveseats, sectionals, reclining sofas, reclining easy chairs, and so much more.

All of these seating options are offered by a company that promotes environmental sustainability and that encourages the success and growth of its employees. Not only is special care taken to promote a safe and healthy workplace, but also with great efficiency and care Palliser is dedicated to eliminating waste wherever possible, carefully recycling foam, leather, and steel.

If you live in the lower forty-eight states explore and order your Palliser Furniture from Recliners.LA. If you live in Southern California, visit one of their four stores and experience firsthand the quality and luxury of Palliser today.