How to Clean your Massage Chair

February 09, 2016

How to Clean your Massage Chair

One aspect of owning a massage chair that some people may find intimidating or worrisome is maintenance. How should one protect and care for such a delicate and expensive fixture in the home? Fortunately, massage chair maintenance and cleaning is much simpler than one might imagine--in fact, it’s virtually the same as with all other pieces of upholstered furniture. In this article, we’ll discuss a few of the do’s and don’ts regarding cleaning your home massage chair.

Do: Wipe down and/or vacuum frequently. Though deeper cleaning is indispensable, a basic level of maintenance-cleaning can prevent your furniture from reaching a point of extreme dirtiness where dirt and grime sinks into the fabric itself. This also helps prevent allergies!

Don’t: Apply cleaning chemicals to the upholstery fabric without knowing what to expect. If you have never used a certain cleaning product with your massage chair before, make sure to test a small amount on an inconspicuous section of the chair to make sure that you will not cause any irrevocable damage.

Do: Respond to accidents quickly. Accidents do sometimes happen, and in order to avoid lasting impact on your furniture, the most important thing you can do once an accident has happened is respond quickly. The more time that passes, the more time that odors and stains have to seep into the upholstery material.

Don’tLeave furniture in areas where it is exposed to environmental damage. Furniture takes enough of a beating just through regular wear and tear--don’t expose it to extra dangers! Smoke, sunlight, cooking odors, and other similarly strong conditions can shorten the lifespan and lower the quality of your furniture.

Do: Remember this basic rule: the better you are to your chair, the better it will be to you in return. If you make an effort to preserve the quality of your furniture, it will continue being comfortable and good-looking for years to come! 

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