We Offer a Wide Selection of Palliser Furniture

Here at Recliners.la we are committed to offering only the highest quality furniture to our customers. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Palliser Furniture.  The Winnipeg based furniture company has been producing some of the world’s finest furniture ever since 1944, when a young Russian immigrant by the name of Abram Albert DeFehr founded the company working out of his barn.  In the seventy two years that have followed, Palliser has become one of the most respected top-of-the-line furniture companies in North America and the world, offering dozens of unique and inspired furniture models at customer-friendly prices.  Now, that family tradition of quality, comfort, and design is available to shoppers at Recliners.la!  Check out our comprehensive online, gallery of Palliser furniture here, or read on to learn more about the company.

“Furniture Made Right”

One of Palliser Furniture’s favorite slogans, “furniture made right” refers to more than just the quality craftsmanship that goes into every piece.  It means offering a selection diverse enough to allow each and every customer to find the model and style that is right for their home and their lifestyle.  It means ensuring that each and every piece is built to last.  And it means building all furniture close to the area where it will be used--thus allowing for less environmental impact, and lower transportation costs. That’s why Palliser operates a number of factories across North America--in Canada, Mexico, and right here in the United States.

Built by Craftsmen

Palliser Furniture also operates one of the most original and memorable quality assurance systems in the entire furniture industry.  Each and every piece of Palliser Furniture comes with a photo and a signature from the craftsmen who built it.  Here at Recliners.la, we think that is a really special step that shows true dedication to quality and craft.