Should I Invest in An Ergonomic Massage Chair?

Not long ago, the word ergonomic was virtually unheard of.  Nowadays, it’s receiving a ton of attention—so much so that it’s difficult to research furniture without understanding the term. Speaking of which; let’s begin by discussing the word ergonomic.

Ergo… What?

Etymologically (as you may have guessed) the word is derived from Ancient Greek.  Specifically, it combines the words ergon (which means work) and nomoi (which means law.)  The English word ergonomic was coined in the 1940’s, and refers to the act of tailoring the workplace to the worker.  Ergonomics, therefore, was the process of ensuring that workers would be comfortable and healthy performing the tasks they needed to perform.  This encompassed nearly all aspects of workplace comfort and safety—from ensuring proper lighting, to reducing physical stressors, to improving workplace air quality.  As you might assume, these concepts were originally applied to factory workers.  It was not until much later that a growing amount of research began pointing to a previously unsuspected fact: sitting in a regular office chair for hours on end can have negative effects on back health.  Thus began the industry of ergonomic office chairs.  These chairs were so popular that it didn’t take long for the demand for ergonomic furniture to expand beyond the workplace and into the home—thus popularizing both the word and the concept.

How it Works

Most traditional furniture is designed for sitting up straight. Unfortunately, this posture places a lot of direct stress onto the back.  Ergonomic furniture allows one to recline back slightly, thus distributing weight and pressure more evenly across the body.

Massage Chairs and Back Health

Massages offer a number of health benefits, and can be particularly important for people with back issues; as they loosen up muscles and allow for deeper relaxation. While no machine can replicate the effects of a professional massage, a massage chair can still emulate the feeling of a massage to some extent.

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