Himolla Brings German Recliners to the USA

February 25, 2016

Himolla Brings German Recliners to the USA

Germany’s south-easternmost province, Bavaria, features stunning mountain landscapes and rich cultural traditions. For many people across the world, it brings to mind images of the snow-capped alps, lederhosen outfits, oktoberfest, and the bustling city of Munich.  For those of us in the furniture industry, it also brings to mind the famous slogan, “quality made in Bavaria.”

Himolla, like many of the world’s finest furniture manufacturers, started out as a small family operation focused on offering handcrafted quality.  With time, that quality helped the company expand and become one of Europe’s biggest manufacturer of high-quality upholstered furniture.  Nowadays, Himolla has become virtually synonymous with quality, and is available in select American furniture outlets.

The four defining attributes of Himolla

Himolla furniture comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes--however, there are a four basic promises that Himolla makes regarding all furniture that they develop and build.

  • Individuality. Each and every model that Himolla makes will be truly special and unique.
  • Functionality.  Some Himolla chairs include extremely luxurious features such as massages--but that won’t change the fact that they always emphasize user-friendly practicality.
  • Versatility. This has two applications.  For one, Himolla chairs are made for a variety of uses. Secondly, Himolla offers a wide variety of chairs, each built for its own specializations.
  • Durability. Himolla builds their chairs to last!

  • Additionally, all Himolla production adheres to the company’s firm dedication to environmental sustainability, so you can rest easy (pun intended) in your new Himolla recliner knowing that you’ve done your part to build a better tomorrow!

    Shop Himolla furniture today at Recliners.la

    You’ll find a wide selection of the best Himolla furniture at Recliners.la.  Check out our online photo gallery to see Himolla’s famous furniture for yourself--or stop an to any of our Los Angeles area locations to try them out in person.  We hope to see you soon!