A Recliner From RLA or Ikea? Sell Me!

November 03, 2017

Its no secret that Ikea offers some of the lowest-cost furniture on the market. But, as the old saying goes, sometimes you (only) get what you pay for! Here are a few reasons to select high-end RLA furniture over a cheap item from IKEA.


Particle Board Vs. Locally-Sourced Timber. Recliners.LA vendors use high-quality, locally sourced timber for all their furniture -- whereas IKEA uses a substance known as particle board. This material, which is made from the combined waste products of other industrial timber projects, is often promoted as being “environmentally friendly.” Though particle board does have many legitimate and green uses, we believe that furniture should be built to last for years -- and particle board simply doesn't stand up to this test. In the end, local timber (produced by local worker in sustainable forests and transported a short distance only) is far greener than particle board!

DIY Vs. Expert Craftsmanship. IKEA cuts costs by expecting you to assemble your own furniture. Meanwhile, furniture vendors such as American Leather, Ekornes, and Palliser hire true craftsmen who understand the ins and outs of each individual piece and bring you a product that won't fail. Ready-to-assemble furniture can never match that level of quality!

Shipping Concerns? Ironically, IKEA is infamous for charging high shipping rates on their disassembled furniture, whereas Recliners.LA offers free coast to coast doorstep shipping for ready-to-use pieces from some of the finest manufacturers in the world.

Customer Service. Search IKEA reviews online and you are sure to find hundreds of complaints due to their responsibility-avoiding customer service policies. Visit the RLA reviews section, on the other hand, and you will see the difference in customer service quality for yourself!


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