American Leather: Beautiful, Durable, and Surprisingly Affordable

A furniture company based upon Japanese auto manufacturing principles and based right in the heartland of the USA, America Leather has always been a unique organization. But far from being a novelty act, American Leather has proven its mettle over the course of the last quarter century, growing from a small manufacturer working in local markets to become a nationwide (and even international) supplier of high-end furniture. Here at Recliners.LA, we pride ourselves on featuring only the finest selection of carefully curated furniture builders--most of which have been in business for decades upon decades. But there was never any question about including this relative newcomer in our catalogue. Not only does American leather promise one of the fasting production turnaround times in the industry, they offer furniture that is all at once beautiful, durable, and surprisingly affordable.



Don’t take our word for it: we encourage you to check out some fantastic American Leather furniture for yourself in any one of our four Los Angeles area locations. For our remote customers, take a look at a couple of our featured pieces from American Leather:


  • The Felix Comfort Recliner. Minimalistic and quaint, this innovative creation from American Leather is available now at Recliners.LA for just $2299.00.


  • The Ava Recliner. Cute and homey, the evereyday low prices of this popular piece can only be beat by our special Recliners.LA sales price! Purchase an Ava floor model for just $2306.50 and head home with a fantastic part of the American Leather collection!


To see our entire collection of American Leather furniture, check out the American Leather information page hosted by Recliners.LA.


Once you’ve found the perfect fit for your home, you’ll be happy to hear that shipping is free from Recliners.LA to any location in the contental US. With all those savings, you’ll be free to do some accessory shopping and spruce up your home in exactly the way it deserves. Couple that with a fantastic deal from American Leather furniture, and your home is guaranteed to look great!