American Leather: Furniture That Lasts

February 17, 2017

American Leather: Furniture That Lasts

Want furniture that is stylish, comfortable, and gets better with age? American Leather, available here at Recliners.LA, builds quality leather furniture that is durable and offers many years of comfort. More resistant to damage than any other fabric, leather furniture is designed to stand the test of time.  


American Leather elegance is also built to last! While other types of furniture are doomed to one day go out of style, American Leather pieces are designed to complement virtually any new trend in interior decoration. Moreover, these fantastic pieces are easy to care for. Here are a few more perks of American Leather furniture: 


  • Low-maintenance design. 
  • Color that mature rather than fade. 
  • Dirt and spill resistant. 
  • Stands up to moisture, light, and heavy use. 


If you’re in the market for something comfortable and stylish, try the Dexter Comfort Recliner which will go in just about every room in your home. Lounging in the living room, reading in the office, and relaxing with friends in the den all just got a whole lot better! 


Alternatively, try the Breckin Sleeper sofa for a modern and stylish look and versatile functionality that is ideal for overnight guests. This exception piece is available now at a special sales price, so call 888-404-7632 to learn more! 


Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to check out one of our favorite American Leather Recliners, Ava. Boasting a dark and sleek look that guaranteed to never go out of style, this piece is also on sale now -- giving you just one more reason to shop Recliners.LA today.  


Check Out Our Entire Selection of American Leather Chairs!  

Take advantage of impressively low pricing, an extensive selection, and our famous coast-to-coast free shipping program. We have all the furniture options you need to create the home of your dreams, so don’t delay!