BDI Delivers High End Entertainment Furniture for Modern Living

September 03, 2018

BDI Delivers High End Entertainment Furniture for Modern Living

It’s the brand you’ll fall in love with immediately. 

If you’ve been searching tirelessly for a piece of entertainment furniture that has style, class, and a timeless look, then you need search no further than any piece designed by BDI. This high-end entertainment furniture brand is currently selling an audio tower, several media cabinets, and a corridor bar, all of which are incredibly well designed—and even nicer to look at. 

You’re probably in the market for a centerpiece that is sure to delight all in the room: BDI has exactly what you’re looking for. 

And at Recliners.LA, we have all the BDI pieces we know you’ll love. 

Audio Tower - This is a piece that provides exquisite audio features with a great look to go along with it, which is why we think the Corridor audio tower is the piece just for you. With hardwood louvered doors to ensure that all components and media stay neatly organize and out-of-sight, the audio tower will crank tunes and be the envy of all your guests. 


Media Cabinets - Functionality and performance are the two primary factors that go into the production of any of BDI’s media cabinets. If you’ve been looking for an innovative piece that protects and presents your home theatre with elegance, this piece is exactly what you’ve been looking for. 


Corridor Bar - Another piece which features hardwood louvered doors, the Corridor bar is exactly what you’ll need if you’re expecting guests to show up on short notice and on a consistent basis. There is ample shelving and storage space in this unit, which means you’ll be able to keep an assortment of wine and liquor bottles within. This piece also features a wooden stemware rack, which is ideal for keeping wine glasses within reach.