Best Recliners For Back Pain

June 17, 2016

Best Recliners For Back Pain

For many people who struggle with back pain, it can be a difficult task to find the right kind of furniture. Furniture that does not meet your personal comfort preferences--be it furniture that is too soft, too hard, too large, too small, or simply ill designed--not only fails to soothe your back pain, but can actually aggravate it. No one should have to live in pain just because their furniture isn’t right for them. You deserve to be comfortable, and to have a chair that works with your back, rather than against it. Below are a few different types of recliner that are best for people suffering from back pain.


Human Touch Recliners and Massage Chairs

Human Touch is a brand that specializes in making comfortable furniture that is good for your back, and massage chairs that help to loosen your muscles and allow you to unwind. If a full-blown massage chair is not necessarily your style, Human Touch offers a variety of other chairs like their “Zero Gravity” models that allow you to lean back further than most other chairs, to the point where your feet and your head are level. This takes pressure off of your spine so that it can decompress.


UltraComfort Recliners

UltraComfort Recliners are a great investment not only for people with back pain, but for anyone who wishes to have high-quality, ultra comfortable chairs in his or her very own living room. These chairs use a patented design to ensure maximum comfort and promote back health by naturally shaping your body into a healthy posture when you are relaxing. These chairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, because anyone who knows anything about comfort understands, there is no such thing as a one size fits all recliner.



Ekornes Stressless recliners have been a trusted name in comfortable seating for decades. These chairs are designed for maximum neck and lumbar support, to keep you happy and healthy as long as you are their proud owner. Numerous patented features, available only with Ekornes, make these chairs unlike any others you will find.

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