Brazilian Lafer Recliners Near Me

October 19, 2018

Brazilian Lafer Recliners Near Me

You’re probably a lot closer to the recliner of your dreams than you think.

If you like exotic pieces of furniture, then you’re going to love the Brazilian Lafer collections at any of our five showrooms (Costa Mesa, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Redondo Beach, and Santa Monica). And when you purchase a Lafer piece from Recliners.LA, you can be assured that you’re receiving the best in quality for the lowest price around, something that even online retailers can’t guarantee.

So what’s stopping you from visiting a showroom and purchasing your very own Brazilian Lafer? Check us out now!


What Are Brazilian Lafer Recliners?

Lafer furniture is made in Brazil and distributed throughout the world. The company has been making top-of-the-line furniture for almost 90 years, therefore they know a thing or two when it comes to manufacturing high-quality pieces. In the past 25 years, they’ve begun to focus on research, development, and perfection of innovative systems for reclining furniture. Throughout the years, style has never been compromised, which means every piece of Lafer furniture is just as beautiful as the last. If you’re someone who loves contemporary style and modernist design, then you’re also someone who is going to love a Lafer recliner.


What are Lafer Pieces Like at Recliners.LA?

At Recliners.LA, Lafers are some of our most popular items. You can’t go wrong with the styling Valentina Recliner, a piece that is often featured in our showrooms ($3,570). If you’re looking for something less expensive, the Gaga Recliner will definitely be a piece right up your alley ($2,099). And if you want a Lafer Recliner for under $2,000, you cant go wrong with the Demi Recliner ($1,999).

We love to sell Lafer pieces at Recliners.LA—but more so, we love to watch customers walk happily out of our stores with a piece of exotic Brazilian furniture we know they’ll love.