Designing Your Own Home Theater

August 15, 2017

Designing Your Own Home Theater

Designing Your Own Home Theater

The price of new electronics has fallen in recent years, and the smart TV revolution has made accessing all the movies and shows you could ever hope to see easier than ever before. In other words, the perfect time to create your own home theater is now!



In this article, we will walk you through the three most important purchases you will need to set up a home theater.


The Seating. You can't have a home theater without home theater seating! Head over to Recliners.LA online or in person today to check out our wide selection of theater furniture seating. Featuring options from trusted brands such as Palliser and Fjords, RLA is sure to have a piece that meets both your style and your budget.


The Television. Even more crucial to a home theater than theater seating is the big screen -- and this part is the shopping process that can be overwhelming because there are lots of TV options in the market. To generalize broadly, however: plasma TV’s offer the widest range of viewing angles, which is why they are the most popular home theater television choice. LED displays, on the other hand, offer less viewing range, but more resistance to glare. And, for those with the budget, OLED screens are said to offer the best of both worlds.


The Mount. Wall mounts are by far the most popular method of displaying flat screen TVs nowadays. Alternatively, however, some people still prefer to place their TV on a stand rather than mounting it. This is especially practical for curved televisions, which are increasingly popular. Regardless of what kind of mount or stand you are looking for, you can be sure to find it from BDI furniture at Recliners.LA



Want to learn more about our selection of home theater seating and accessories? Visit Recliners.LA online today for photos, pricing information, and much more!